Website Compliance

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

SSL is a technology that uses the encrypted connection between server and web browser. In order to use SSL, businesses have to get an SSL certificate, which they need to install on their server. When this is done, every connection between a web server and browser is encrypted, which means that every data sent via the submitted form is only visible to the web owner. This helps to protect online users against hackers, who try to steal user’s information.

Privacy Policy

A website privacy policy (or data protection policy) helps build trust in your website and ensures your visitors personal data is protected. As well as reassuring online customers and users, it can also ensure that you have their permission to store cookies on their computer. The website privacy policy aims to make your internet business compliant with UK and EU data privacy laws and covers key issues such as use of personal data, links to other websites, passwords and security.

What is a website privacy policy?

A website privacy policy outlines your businesses practices in relation to the collection, storage and use of personal data gathered on your website. Examples of data include names, dates of birth, contact details or credit card details. It sets out the purpose of data collection on your website, the types of information collected and the scope and limitation of data processing on your website.

Do I need a privacy policy?

The collection and use of personal data by online businesses in the UK must comply with the UK data protection laws. This policy is designed to allow the website operator to comply with the fair processing obligation and to obtain the user’s consent to that processing as required by law.

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