End Point Security

Increase data protection and enable GDPR compliance with End Point Protection.

• Antivirus protection on devices provides end-users with a multi-layered approach. Nothing is 100% full proof meaning antivirus could be your last line of defence in protecting your valuable data.

Tamar Managed Anti-Virus

Our antivirus feature not only stays up to date with the latest threats using traditional signature-based protection, but also protects against new viruses using sophisticated heuristic checks and behavioural scanning. With new threats created each day, businesses can protect themselves by using these proactive methods to help ensure rock solid malware protection.

Stay Safe from Known and Emerging Threats

• Extensive signature-based scanning: Use traditional signature-based threat detection to block known threats.
• Heuristic checks: Protect against previously unknown threats using heuristic checks, which detect new, unrecognised viruses in a sandbox environment away from a business’ core systems.
• Active protection and behavioural scanning: Shut down even the most sophisticated malware via continuous real-time monitoring that detects programs performing actions commonly associated with malware exploits.

Minimize Resource Drains

• Outstanding performance: Keep scans lightweight to reduce system resource drain.
• Pinpoint accuracy: Reduce the number of false positives with highly accurate scans.
• Scheduling: Schedule deep scans for convenient times, so you don’t disrupt employees during important productive hours.

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