Tamar IT Coronavirus update

As you will be aware the UK Government is working to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. Tamar IT will be supporting the official measures and recommendations as far as possible and we will continue to monitor this.

All domestic onsite support requests will not immediately be booked. Initially a remote support session will be completed. If remote support is not possible then onsite support will be considered and booked.

All business onsite support requests will be considered on a per support basis. If Tamar IT deem it possible support requests will be completed via remote support. If remote support is not possible then onsite support will be booked.

Any onsite staff who visit your home or business will have regular reviews to check they are not presenting with any symptoms.

We ask if any of our clients have visited any of the affected areas or are presenting with any symptoms, such as a cough, high temperature or any flu like symptoms that they call us as soon as possible to re-arrange any onsite support bookings.

Staff have been instructed to conduct meetings where possible exclusively by telephone or web conferencing.

We will be minimising the amount of physical contact with clients and as so will not be requesting signatures upon booking devices into the workshop at Tamar IT. This minimises the spread via pens and paper being handled by multiple staff and/or clients. By leaving your device with Tamar IT you are accepting our terms and conditions of business.

IT equipment is a common breeding ground for bacteria, evidence showing that more bacteria is present on IT equipment than a toilet. Tamar IT will use antibacterial wipes on all equipment that is worked on. If you do not wish that we use antibacterial wipes on your equipment then we will be unable to assist any further.

We are doing all we can to keep our staff and clients safe at all times.

The Government has also introduced a number of measures in the budget to try to help small business cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. These include the claiming back statutory sick pay, reduction of business rates for retail premises and the launch of a temporary Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme.  The full details of these and additional measures can be found at the following link.


Also included below is a link to the Government’s action plan for Covid-19, and this will continue to be updated as changes occur.


Finally, we would like to thank you for your understanding during this time and let’s work together to help keep infection rates as low as possible.

Thank you very much and stay healthy.