Bespoke Business Software

Our clients often come to us when they realise their operation isn’t running as efficiently as they wish. Typically they will have been managing their business with a mix of spreadsheets and ‘off-the-shelf’ legacy systems and in-house developed processes – resulting in workarounds and regular firefighting.

We deliver bespoke business software using a On-Site, Cloud or Hybrid based platform to assist with reducing administrative tasks, improving efficiencies, streamlining processes and achieving integrated data with resulting significant cost savings.

We build software that covers a wide range of business processes:

Bespoke Software

Price Management

Timesheet & Resource Scheduling


Management Reporting

Staff Resource Management

Order Management

Stock Control

Client & Supplier Management

Product Management & Specifications


Invoice Management


Quotations & Estimates

Distribution Management

Asset Management


Workflow Control & Automation

Production & Work Scheduling

Software Development

At Tamar IT we can custom build Web and FileMaker based applications to assist you with tasks and activities. Our advanced systems can help improve efficiency and productivity in a variety of ways such as going paperless, automating tasks and storing data. Our web applications are built to be used within a web browser making every computer device compatible without the need for complex installation. Our professional team can create an advanced customised application, specifically for your needs. So whether you need a system for tracking orders, jobs, managing accounts or a range of other tasks we can help.

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